Volume 58, Issue 1 p. 747-749

Fixing for Change: Stories of Information and Aspiration in Community Repair

Michelle Kaczmarek

Corresponding Author

Michelle Kaczmarek

University of British Columbia, Canada

Email: [email protected]

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First published: 13 October 2021


Recent years have seen a grassroots resurgence in the repair of everyday technologies—community initiatives, cooperatives, websites, and how-to videos. While digital platforms have made do-it-yourself repair information more accessible and available, community initiatives—where people meet in person to repair devices and everyday items together—are nevertheless growing in numbers and popularity. This dissertation project explores the aspirations of citizens participating in local repair initiatives through a qualitative study with repair organizers and volunteers in Metro Vancouver, BC. Informed by the relational approaches of practice theory and socionarratology, I explore how a storytelling lens might broaden conceptions of the information sources, systems, and stewardship engaged in climate adaptation. This poster presents preliminary reflections and contributions from the ongoing project.